Green Page

Our environmental policy

Throughout its operations, AB Dolomitas works to protect the environment and contribute to its preservation. Environmental protection is being tightened through EU directives and national requirements, where producers are encouraged to pursue sustainability and are increasingly obliged to dispose of waste properly, therefore, the goal is to use natural resource efficiently, reduce impact of production on the environment, and introduce modern, effective and eco-friendly technologies.

Environmental impacts of AB Dolomitas activities are constantly monitored and evaluated. To reach our environmental objectives, we apply the principle of control.

Monitoring of emissions from pollution sources is conducted, along with monitoring of the impact on groundwater, according to a harmonized and approved monitoring program of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Report on monitoring economic entities of 2020.
Information on non-continuous measurements of pollutants emitted by polluting sources of economic entities in the 1st quarter of 2021.

Information on non-continuous measurements of pollutants emitted by polluting sources of economic entities in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

In the activities, advanced measures are used to reduce environmental impact and promote rational resource management and use, costs are reduced and environmental impacts are considered in the planning process. Modernization of the equipment is critical to the company, as it improves technologies continuously to reduce the environmental and human impact.

At AB Dolomitas, we aim to create a clean, ecological work environment for all employees and to make them aware that they can and should contribute to the ecology and sustainability of the environment around them.

Green Energy

The company pays great attention to increasing energy efficiency and ensuring that a substantial portion of its electricity is produced from renewable energy sources (RES). The wind farms built in 2009 produce an average of over 1,200,000 kilowatt-hours of green electricity per month. In Pakruojis district, this accounts for almost a quarter of the electricity consumed.

AB Dolomitas holds a certificate that states that from January 1, 2018, its electricity is generated from renewable energy sources, that it is socially responsible, and that it cares for the environment and its preservation.

Landscape Protection

AIn 2011, AB Dolomitas and the Landscape Management Centre of Kaunas University of Technology prepared a special plan “Special Landscape Management Plan for Recreational Use of Dolomite Mining Deposit Territory in Petrasiunai (Pakruojis District)”.

A part of this plan has been integrated into the Usage Plan, which uses the depths of the earth. Therefore, the future water body’s contours and relief are shaped purposefully during the dolomite mining process. The recreational complex of the landscape plan will be based on these components.