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Our history

The public limited liability company Dolomitas started its activities in 1964, when the first Lithuanian dolomite deposits were explored and put into operation. Today the company excavates and processes high-quality raw materials at the Petrašiūnai-2 Deposit. Production covers the full cycle from extraction to delivery to customers. Dolomite stone is crushed, washed, and supplied to customers in compliance with the highest quality standards and ISO quality management system requirements. The company consistently invests in upgrading its production capacities and optimising its existing processes. The company’s products are certified not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia, Russia, and Poland according to the product certification requirements of those countries.

Currently, the company operates four process lines. A new crushed stone production line was commissioned in September 2015. Support received from EU structural funds was used to install a new process line, construct new access roads, an electricity line and water and pulp pipelines, and acquire new vehicles for the loading and transportation of products. The new process line implements advanced and resource-saving raw material crushing equipment. All excavated raw materials are sorted: rock hardness determines the product for which a material will be used. The washing of raw material ensures that the crushed dolomite stone produced is of high quality.

In autumn 2017, a mineral powder production shop was constructed with EU support under the programme Eco-inovacijos LT+. The shop produces a completely new product, broadening the company’s product range, allowing it to better meet the needs of customers, and giving new impetus to the company’s production staff.



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In 2011, the company’s laboratory was accredited to test the quality of products. It is furnished with special equipment to determine the Los Angeles coefficient (LA), impact value (SZ), and polished stone value (PSV). In that same year, the quality of mixtures improved immensely owing to the implementation of innovative technology and reconstruction of the fourth (mixture) process line. Mixtures are produced here using batchers and are stored with the help of a telescopic conveyor, the first in the Baltic countries.

In 2012, with the application of raw material sorting and adoption of the latest production technology, the company began producing Class 1 crushed stone for the production of asphalt, asphalt finishing, and reinforced concrete. The results of tests of such crushed stone demonstrated that its parameters fully meet requirements set for imported crushed granite stone.

AB Dolomitas is a member of the Lithuanian Roads Association, the Lithuanian Quarry Association, Šiauliai Association of Industrialists, and the Association of Construction Product Testing Laboratories.

The company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.