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We are open to cooperation, flexible with our offers, and competitive while taking your needs into account.

Please contact us with any issues or concerns and select the appropriate contact from the list below.

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Petrašiūnai Quarry is the main production facility at which crushed dolomite stone of various fractions is extracted and offered for sale. From here, products are distributed to other trading sites.

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The Vilnius site of AB Dolomitas was established in 2012. Scales that can weigh up to 60 tonnes are used at this site.

At this site, you can purchase washed dolomite aggregates.

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Vilnius Site Sales Manager
+370 620 62791

Eastern Region Sales Manager
+370 620 45 567

In 2009, at the initiative of Gediminas Skvernys, Director of Commerce, AB Dolomitas began importing and selling crushed granite stone shipped by sea from the Scandinavian countries.

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Kaunas Site Sales Manager
+370 620 67 116

Center Region Sales Manager
+370 672 83 676

As demand for crushed stone grew, a crushed dolomite stone sale site of AB Dolomitas was established in Klaipėda, at Švepelių Street 7, in June 2009. During the first half of the year, 22,000 tonnes of crushed stone was sold.

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Klaipėda Site Sales Manager
+370 616 93227

Western Region Sales Manager
+370 609 94 534

In 2009, at the initiative of the Board, AB Dolomitas started importing the granite aggregates shipped by sea from the Scandinavian countries. For this purpose, a crushed granite stone storage site was equipped in Malkų Bay in the Klaipėda Port (at the territory of UAB Malkų Įlankos Terminalas)

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    Sales Manager for Important Customers
    Jurgita Mitkienė
    Head of Logistics Department
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    Center Region Sales Manager
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    Logistics Specialist
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    Linas Pasiliauskas
    Logistics Specialist
    Edmundas Minkus
    Logistics Specialist
    Jolanta Rašimienė
    Sales Manager Klaipėda (Granite)

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    Gintarė Dumbliauskienė
    Vilnius Sales Manager
    Aida Šileikienė
    Kaunas Sales Manager
    Kristina Vaitkevičienė
    Klaipeda Sales Manager