EU Support

The latest project implemented by AB Dolomitas with EU support is “Development of Rolled Concrete Model”, framework for action No. 01.2.1-MITA-T-851-Inočekiai. The project is implemented in collaboration with a partner, VGTU Road Research Institute. In cooperation with business and science, the project aims to develop rolled concrete that is resistant to Lithuanian climatic conditions and current vehicle loads. During the implementation of the project, it is planned to formulate the concept of creating rolled concrete with dolomite aggregate on the theoretical level, based on the analysis of research, and to determine the essential parameters for product development, that is, the most suitable components and their proportions. Once the optimal composition of the components and their proportions has been determined in laboratory conditions, a primary working model (prototype) of rolled concrete with dolomite aggregate will be created. Tests will be conducted on the model (prototype) in the laboratory during the mixing and testing of rolled concrete mixtures. Tests conducted in a laboratory will allow the optimum composition of rolled concrete mix to be determined. It will also be determined how the proportion of coarse and fine aggregate affects the performance of the rolled concrete. It should be noted that this mix should perform no worse than a conventional mix used to install coatings for the same purpose. Following the completion of the project, this will be the basis for planned experimental development, that is, the development of a prototype of rolled concrete using dolomite aggregate, production of a trial version, and installation of a trial section of rolled concrete mixed with dolomite. Once the project is completed, dolomite chippings will be tested in a real environment to substantiate their suitability for mass production as rolled concrete aggregate. Project activities end on 30/06/2022.

Since 2019, AB Dolomitas has been implementing the project “Optimizing Dolomite Chipping Production Processes Through Technological Eco-innovations”. The project is implemented in accordance with the framework for action No. 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837-03-0010 “Eco-inovacijos LT+” of Priority 3 “Promotion of Small and Medium Business Competitiveness” of the Operational programme for the European Union funds’ investments for 2014–2020.
The project involved the purchase of a frontal loader with wheels, as well as the installation of a crushing and transporting line for dolomite chippings. The investments will result in more efficient raw material use, less water and electricity consumption, and a significant reduction of diesel fuel consumption (because the transport line will replace the dumpers carrying the raw material) and will contribute to reducing negative environmental impacts.
The amount of the project support is EUR 1.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund. Company funds will cover the remaining two-thirds of the project value.
The project implementation period is from 3 September 2019 to 28 July 2022.


At the end of 2017 AB Dolomitas implemented the project “Company’s Investments in Resource-Saving Technologies” with EU support. The company implemented the project in order to reduce resource consumption and modernize its technology processes. In this project, a mineral powder production line was installed, which was supplied by illiquid dolomite chipping fractions and particles in sedimentation fields. Additionally, modernization of the production lines II and III has been carried out, reducing the use of water and electricity.
This project was implemented under a financing and administration agreement with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency, in accordance with the framework for action No. 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837-01-0007 “Eco-inovacijos LT+” of Priority 3 “Promotion of Small and Medium Business Competitiveness” of the Operational Programme for the European Union funds’ investments for 2014–2020.
The value of the implemented project is EUR 2,947,273.12 excluding VAT. The amount of support from the European Regional Development Fund is EUR 862,336.09.

In 2015, AB Dolomitas implemented the first project supported by the European Union “Increasing the Company’s Productivity by Modernizing the Production Process and Improving the Qualitative and Economic Characteristics of Products”, No. VP2-2.1-ŪM-06-K-02-035. The project is implemented in accordance with the framework for action “Invest LT-2” of Priority 2 of the Operational Programme for Economic Growth “Increasing Business Productivity and Improving the Business Environment”. AB Dolomitas, the project executor, received co-funding from the EU structural support program.
An new line for dolomite chipping was built following this project, and it offers a considerable improvement in efficiency. This line produces chippings of the highest quality. This will ensure that the company is supplying the road construction industry with quality products. In addition to Lithuania, it is predicted that a quality product will also be in demand in Latvia. By supporting this project, the European Union and the State help modernize production while strengthening competitiveness, enhancing employment and ensuring economic stability.